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Blockchain is future of payment method technology

Project coin aims to support all new cryptocurrencies that have an obvious, plausible, long-term plan, white paper and a solid team.

About project coin How to

About Project

Project Coin Development

Your dream of launching your own Cryptocurrency can be realised with relative ease. But maintaining the active and vibrant community needed for coin survival is another matter. You must have a feasible and achievable plan of what your currency will be used for, a whitepaper to explain your coin’s functions and specifications. You also need a roadmap to show potential investors the direction your coin is going & the timeline(s) in which you intend to reach each milestone. We provide you with services for source code, compilation of wallets (windows / ubuntu), wallet updates and chain forks. We are unable to assist with coin swaps at this time. For new project requests we require that you have:

  • A team of at least 3 people
  • A wallet structure
  • Website, Roadmap & Whitepaper
  • PRJ / BTC to increase PRJ market prices

About Project Coin

Decentralised platform

Project Coin expects to be the one of the most Stable coins on exchange(s) because our project investors are incentivised to hold coins, while our customers will purchase coins for payments for their ventures, therefore enhancing the PRJ market price.

  • Project Source code payment using PRJ
  • Update Wallet payment using PRJ
  • Fork Chain payment using PRJ

How to submit your project plan

New Project

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Awesome services

Awesome services

Blockchain product

Sustainable blockchain technology development for PRJ and customers.

How to

Proof of stake

Proof of Stake (POS) Rewards that cost significantly less than Proof of work.

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Masternodes will continually reward, stabilizing market price making for a stronger network.

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PRJ will endeavor to trade at top exchanges encouraging major investors to join us.

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Project coin specification

Coin information

  • Name:ProjectCoin
  • Symbol:PRJ
  • Port/RPC:11111-11110
  • Supply:80.000.000
  • Premine: 500 000
  • Block Space:60 Seconds
  • Maturity:288 Blocks
  • POS Age: 120 Minute
Reward Plan
180k 25 6k 8k 10k
250k 140 80k 100k 150k
500k 70 100k 150k 200k
750K 2 150k 200k 250k
1.25M 1 200k 250k 300k
Project Coin Wallet

Wallet Download

Premine Usage

Premine Allocation

Premine allocation will be used accordingly (as described below) to accommodate all project needs and strong development plan with 20% on stand-by for unforseen emergency scenarios

  • Coin Sale 30%
  • Marketing 20%
  • Hold 20%
  • Stand by 20%
  • Bounty 10%
Our way

Road Map

July 2018

Prepare Wallet

August 2018

Wallet Launch
Cryptopia Listing

September 2018

Core project start
CoinExchange listing
Masternode stats

October 2018

Crex24 Listing
Graviex Listing
MNCN Stats

November 2018

Raspberry wallet
Crypto News
CMC listing

December 2018

Project Ticketing Support

End 2018

Q4 2019

*Road To FinTech
*PRJ Sponsorship
*Strategic partnerships

Q3 2019

Web Wallet
Digital Advertising

Q2 2019

Extend marketing campaign
Go public smart contract
TestNet upgrade Blockchain

Q1 2019

Network Blockhain Update v1.3.0.0
Change Collateral, Rewards & Supply

Project Team


Momoko garza

Founder - Main Dev

Arnold Carl

Dev Assistant

Marcos Ivar

Comunity Manager


Frequency Asked Questions

Where i can but Project Coin?

What is the price of A new project code?

Prices are supplied on request according to your specific requirements.

How long estimate time for developing source code?

1 - 3 weeks depend on queue

How can i submit My New Project plan?

Fill this form

Where i can download wallet?

You can download here

How to start Staking and when i will get reward?

set Staking=1 at coin.conf, reward time will depend on network weight

How To start Masternode using install script?

You can download masternode guide and install script here

How long does it take, until I will receive my first masternode-reward?

Depending on live Masternodes at network. Allow approx 24-36 hours